Software House

JNEPTUNE deals with design, develop, install and provide support for web-based software platforms.
The capacity established techniques include the construction and installation of servers that centralize financial transactions deriving from specific services.
Services are provided from external devices to the system as:

In this context, we have a proven experience in the management of smart card as that is realized in (Card Management System) :

Some of the services managed on smart:
JNEPTUNE pays particular attention to the implementation of platforms "open" to the network.
Increasingly there is a need to collect run-time information from external databases.
For this reason, we have gained experience with the standards created and used by the network for these purposes, in particular:
JNEPTUNE in terms of consultancy in the world of small and medium enterprises, is able to create or improve platforms for the sale of products online (e-commerce B2C) but also offer useful tools working agents (B2B) integrating sales results in company management.
In general we offer ourselves as a partner to build web platforms "management" that can have a wide-ranging in terms of application.

For information and analysis, please contact:

Piero de Novellis
Alberto Ruggiero

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